Viento Skirt Curuba
Viento Skirt Curuba
Viento Skirt Curuba
Viento Skirt Curuba

Viento Skirt Curuba

Made from handloomed fabric and dyed with vegetable dye the Viento skirt is the true sustainable believer. Recycled silk fibers blend with pashmina wool and create the softest fabric to the touch, meanwhile creating a tweed like look with a dreamy drape. The skirt features double openings for waist adjustment–the front and back have buttons at a high waist level and at a low waist level so it's up to how you feel the most comfortable. It's the classic wrap skirt, but with a breath of fresh air (literally!) Because this fabric is handloomed and hand dyed each piece is unique and color may vary from piece to piece. 

Chakra power- Solar Plexus- Feel your own power by feeling proud of your accomplishments. 

Worn with the Celia T.


Inside buttons and side tie 

Seam pockets

10% silk 90% pashmina wool

Dry Clean Only

Made in India